• Two men in hard hats in oil refinery

    Working on behalf of the world’s oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) companies to promote safe, responsible and sustainable operations

  • Gas from shale
    Successful exploration of gas from shale could potentially provide Europe with an additional source of secure and competitive energy that could make an immediate and positive impact on reaching the EU's ambitious CO2 reduction targets.

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  • Two men in hard hats in oil refinery

    Process safety
    Across the global oil & gas industry considerable effort is being focused on the prevention of major accidents that can cause serious harm to people, the environment and property.

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  • Well safety
    In response to accidents such as Macondo and Montara, the international oil & gas industry developed recommendations for improving well incident prevention, intervention and response capabilities. This work continues.

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  • Two men in hard hats in oil refinery

    International standards
    To promote safety, health and the protection of the environment, the oil & gas industry has for decades worked to create a set of international standards for the industry. These efforts have intensified as OGP continues to emphasise the vital importance of comprehensive standards and practices worldwide.

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  • Two men in hard hats in oil refinery

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New report 2013s: 

Safety Performance Indicators - 2013 data

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Energising Europe's Future

OGP’s Energising Europe’s Future  provides compelling reasons for policy makers to enable the investment and development needed to create a brighter future for the EU.

Challenges for Europe 

Some actions MEPs can take to help solve challenges facing Europe.


1407EUParliament057.jpgOil & gas boost European government treasuries by over €400B annually, new study finds

Study shows that the industry boosts public finances.

AGM attracts leading US organisations

Representatives from some of the oil and gas industry’s leading US organisations gathered in Houston.

1407SecurityCom057.jpgSecurity Committee tackles critical infrastructure

Members of OGP’s Security Committee met in Madrid recently and discussed critical infrastructure and information protection.